What you need:

1 kg of clay

a rolling pin

a spatula

a pottery wheel (not absolutely necessary)

a bit of water

a sponge

a knife (or just something to cut with)

Was du brauchst:

ungefähr 1 kg Ton

ein Nudelholz

ein Pfannenwender

eine Ränderscheibe (nicht unbedingt nötig)

etwas Wasser

einen Schwamm

ein Messer (irgendwas zum Schneiden)


How to potter a mug additional links:

spiral wedging the clay | spiralförmiges Kneten: additional Video

Pulling a handle | den Henkel ziehen: additional  Video 

more ideas on how to style your mug: @handandfire on Instagram

Englisch Version:

  1. wedge your clay
  2. roll it out, evenly, and flat
  3. cut out your pieces
  4. leave a bit of space! (You can always take clay away but not add more)
  5. scratch the connection part
  6. connect the walls of the mug. Roll the rolling pin over both ends and press them together
  7. now your cylinder is ready
  8. lay the bottom of your cup onto the pottery wheel and define the shape
  9. scratch the outer ring of the bottom and connect the cylinder and the bottom part (don’t forget the water)
  10. define the shape of your mug, with your fingers and the spatula! (esp. the bottom needs to be really compressed to the walls of your mug)
  11. now shape a cone out of the rest clay
  12. and pull the handle (lots of water not so much pressure!!)
  13. connect the handle and the almost finished mug
  14. lay little coils around the handle to connect both better
  15. now as a last touch flatten everything with your finger and water!
  16. Et Voila the mug is finished and ready to dry and then get fired!

I hope you had fun!!

Hier sind eure Ergebnisse. Glückwunsch!